Do you need a retreat? Are you recovering from a burnout? You will find peace and quiet and lots of time to relax here. Our house is located in a beautiful mountain setting with only nature surrounding us. A quiet mountain creek murmurs nearby. Healing silence will embrace you. Your nerves can recover and your stressed, overworked body can finally find the much needed rest. We are available for daily conversation and massages, if desired. Should you be interested, you may join us for a few hours to work around the house or in the garden. Gardening can be meditative and may assist in regaining focus. But you can also feel free to just do NOTHING AT ALL for a change! Every morning we prepare a hearty breakfast for you. We can also provide lunch and dinner if you wish. Let us spoil you! And join us for family activities, if you feel like it. The regular rhythm of set meal times may have positive effects on your recovery. Just feel at home and at peace, through and through.