Enjoy a wonderfully relaxing massage in a friendly atmosphere.  I offer several types of massages and therapies and would be pleased to advise you on the best options for you.


My massage technique will touch you profoundly, and help you to relax and recover.  It will also help your muscles to uncramp, your skin to tighten and your whole body to strengthen.  I can offer a focus on back massage, whole body massage or relaxation massage.  Indulge in a wonderful massage for the wellbeing of your body and soul!

Using intuition for body healing

The focus of this therapy is on the release of deep blockages of the soul and thus to find a freer interaction with oneself and one’s environment.  This can be achieved through massage or focus point therapy or through other means.  I will only use conversation as a last resort, for example if a memory is triggered that requires dialogue to find a solution.  By default, however, the therapy occurs in silence.

Salt rock massage

This massage has a warming, cleansing and regenerating effect on the body.  Through the gentle peeling by a mixture of salt and oil, the skin gets soft and smooth.  The massage with oil of the herb “St. John’s Wort” unclenches the muscles.  A deep sense of wellbeing is induced through the follow up massage with the warm salt rocks.  The massage takes a good hour plus an additional rest period of 20 minutes.  Indulge in this treat!

Dieter Dorn type back therapy

With carefully guided movements and gentle pressure we align joints, pelvis and backbones back into their physiological places. This is all done gently without being overly manipulative or forceful.  Home based exercises round out this form of therapy.  Dorn can aid for prevention and as a guide to self-help.  I usually recommend 2 – 3 sessions.


An energy based massage that balances your Chakras (energy points).  The balance of body or soul is regained through a focus on the seven main chakras.  Usually, the legs and the back are being treated, but the massage can expand to cover the entire body.  I have often been surprised how profoundly effective this massage can be.  The healing chakra oils have been provided by Nicole Ackerman of Mels.

Perelandra flower extracts are tested kinesiologically

During a trip to the US 15 years ago I got acquainted with the Perelandra Gardening Method of Machaelle Small Wright. This method uses flower extracts that can be used to bring the body back into balance or to break through blockages.  The correct mixture that you need at the moment is found through kinesiological testing.

This muscle based testing offers the chance to communicate with the body and the sub conscious and can therefore access many problems directly, without the usual detour via reasoning and interpretations.  It is based on the assumption that your body already knows best which unbalances exist and what it needs to get back into balance.  Kinesiologie affects the entire being and its energy field.  Usually a session takes 30 – 45 minutes, including a discussion

About me

My name is Sonja Heinzer.  I have been providing massages for the last 10 years and have received my certification as professional massage therapist in 2012.  I focus on working with my intuition.

LocationRickenbachstrasse 47 in  Schwyz . Mit Rolf Bürgler, Schmerztherapeut, hat sich eine erfreuliche Praxisgemeinschaft ergeben. Termine nach Absprache.

Gift certificates

You don’t know yet what to give your sweetheart as a birthday or christmas gift?  I would be pleased to prepare a gift certificate for specific massages or just for a certain amount.

Hourly rate sFr 90.- to 100.-

Costs of the above mentioned massages and therapies are not covered by standard Swiss Health Insurances.