Sebi Heinzer, born 1964, was raised in Illgau in central Switzerland. He is a certified tailor and is employed by the provincial government. His hobbies include jogging, hiking and playing the harmonica.

Sonja Heinzer-Inauen, was raised in Haslen in eastern Switzerland and lives in Illgau since 2004. She loves running her B+B and, besides being a devoted mother to her four children, also works as a massage therapist. Her hobbies include gardening, nature walks, hiking and dancing.

Sonja and Sebi got married in 2005 and have four children: Michael, born 2006, Andrea, born 2008, Leandra, born 2010 and Philip, born 2013


Bed and Breakfast Tauisberg
Familie Heinzer- Inauen Sebi und Sonja
Hinter Oberberg
6434 Illgau

Phone: 041 / 830 11 83
Cellphone: 077 / 488 61 84


Highway exit Schwyz- direction Muothathal. Half way turn left to Illgau.
Illgau village go through to end of synonymous 30- way branch,
Turn right to Hinter Oberberg (dead end road sign).

From this signpost it is still about 2 km up the mountain to a high plateau. Our house stands slightly elevated above the road on a farm. The facade is yellow and red window shutters light up towards you. Two trees and a few shrubs surround the property. BnB panel is clearly visible on a garden house.

A warm welcome!